In attendance: Hanny, Jenny W, Lauren, Gabi, Bryce, Megan, Lea

@MIT: None

Absent: Jenny P, Julia

  • MIT-WHOI T-Shirts - Megan
    1. Rather than resending out a poll and taking more time we can just choose one of the more common ones from last year.
    2. Short window for poll instead?
    3. Subsidize t-shirts somehow – maybe 5 -10 dollar range?
    4. Outing club at MIT ordered embroided Outdoor Research jackets – could be done in spring (inventory gets restocked) or till next winter for their winter line. You can get 50 percent off if you have 10 or more in an order.
  • Updates on Open House – Lea
    1. Gabi will take over responsibilities for Lauren in OH planning
    2. Organize rides to and from the hotel and the party in the evening (Tues 15) as well as for Grumpy’s (Mon 14)
    3. FR Lillie as host for party? Or Jenny W house which is walking distance to the Woods Hole Inn.
    4. Eesh (first year) had commented that the AOPE Open House was not very good last year – might have been better to have the departments separated
    5. Update letter to send to attendees
  • Steinbach Scholars – Lea
    1. Need to send out an at-large poll ASAP
    2. Send final nominations to Meg for review
  • Student rep and post-doc lunch with accreditation team – March 22
    1. One lunch will be with the reps and post-docs (Pickle Jar Preference)
    2. There will be another session that’s open to all JP students (from 3-4pm)
  • Public Service Event – Jenny P
    1. How to best recruit students for signups?
    2. April 19th date – not a holiday at WHOI would doing something in the evening be possible? Perhaps with Bike Lab
    3. Google form for signups
  • Safety reminder email – Jenny P
    1. Given some concerns voiced during the winter meeting Jenny will send out an email with several important reminders about sign ins and afterhours working with hazards
    2. Don’t work with hazardous materials after hours
    3. Safe transportation to your vehicle or WHOI Housing
  • Other JP Information related concerns
    1. Grocery shuttle – how to get people to be aware of it and use it
    2. Perhaps have a list of important information in the student center
    3. Giving people packets or putting it on the website is not as effective
    4. How to get the shuttle back to clark if they’re living at OP
    5. How to get the key?
    6. Would it be better to have a set actual shuttle that runs to the grocery once a week.
    7. If we have it run during the winter plan it for Tues night so that ppl that stay Tues-Thurs can use it for then.
  • JP retreat Recap
    1. Retreat went well, stayed within budget total cost 1800
    2. How to reimburse drivers for carpooling – could we use MIT funds perhaps to facilitate reimbursement process that might be more complicated on the WHOI end.